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There will be things we got wrong, people who didn't get the compassionate care they should have in the pressures of the pandemic. But I do believe the NHS's response must have been bolder, more thoughtful, and more inclusive for having 1000s of NHS Leadership Academy graduates in its midst

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Looking forward to being reunited with cohort 24 friends at our graduation this afternoon. A year since we finished the programme, and what a year for the NHS

Working from home day 329. The teens have hoarded all the glasses in the house, so now I get to recreate that NHS office life classic: the mug of water

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A lot of 💙 for the team today responding to being thrown a new hyper-fast-paced problem by just getting stuck in and doing what they do.

Ask the important design questions, find the edge cases, get some UR lined up within 24 hours, and start making progress towards solving it.

"Go sit in an uncomfortable chair, in an uncomfortable location, and stare at an uncomfortably small screen with an uncomfortably outdated web browser. How easy is it to use the websites you’ve created?" - @Edent

So, today my son (14) was thirsty after spending 5 hours on Microsoft Teams lessons without his customary breaktime drink so I said "let me order a 24 pack of Radnor Fizz Tropical." Don't @ me.

Leeds friends, please do take 5 mins today to respond to this consultation on limiting access to the lovely Lotherton Hall museum

Revisiting this 10-year-old post, I reckon I was onto something. Pretentious Middle English proverb as post title probably the SEO-killer

I use Twitter lists to redress a gender imbalance in my retweets. This year's list of wonderful people whose every tweet I will see is here:

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Lady Mary Wortley Montagu defied convention, most memorably by introducing smallpox inoculation to Western medicine after witnessing it during her travels and stay in the Ottoman Empire

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A very rainy walk around Wentworth Castle Gardens. Bonus find: monument to a woman pioneer of inoculation

Chris hits the nail on the head: every integrated care system needs a multidisciplinary service design team including user researchers, designers, content designers, product and delivery managers

Some challenges we are currently facing:
* Creating a service catalogue
* Uncovering user needs for cancer screening services
* Mapping services for COVID-19
... and more across our product development and data services directorates

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Growing demand for user-centred design capability means we need experts in service design and user research to increase our capacity and support efforts to deliver user-centred services that meet NHS service standard requirements

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Calling all suppliers on the gov Digital Outcomes and Specialists framework: NHS Digital needs your help to scale user-centred design approaches throughout delivery. See Digital Marketplace for details

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