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Revisiting this 10-year-old post, I reckon I was onto something. Pretentious Middle English proverb as post title probably the SEO-killer

I use Twitter lists to redress a gender imbalance in my retweets. This year's list of wonderful people whose every tweet I will see is here:

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Lady Mary Wortley Montagu defied convention, most memorably by introducing smallpox inoculation to Western medicine after witnessing it during her travels and stay in the Ottoman Empire

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A very rainy walk around Wentworth Castle Gardens. Bonus find: monument to a woman pioneer of inoculation

Chris hits the nail on the head: every integrated care system needs a multidisciplinary service design team including user researchers, designers, content designers, product and delivery managers

Some challenges we are currently facing:
* Creating a service catalogue
* Uncovering user needs for cancer screening services
* Mapping services for COVID-19
... and more across our product development and data services directorates

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Growing demand for user-centred design capability means we need experts in service design and user research to increase our capacity and support efforts to deliver user-centred services that meet NHS service standard requirements

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Calling all suppliers on the gov Digital Outcomes and Specialists framework: NHS Digital needs your help to scale user-centred design approaches throughout delivery. See Digital Marketplace for details

97 people on this morning's product development show and tell for demos of three important new services in support of covid vaccinations. Awesome achievement and a masterclass in how to .

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This may be my perfectionism speaking, but I kind of hate how so much of society uses a "finish and release" model for artists to follow when creating things. I want to be able to listen to a song one day, then listen to it again the next because the artist changed the bassline. I want to be able to read a story one day, then randomly find it again a year later with the storyline more focused & interconnected than before.

Full disclosure: my wife is part of the brilliant team who will lose their jobs under this proposal. They're the ones who put on events and exhibitions that bring visitors to the site, and could do even more with a bit of investment

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More of Leeds' heritage behind closed doors most of the time :(
If you've ever been to the lovely Lotherton Hall, please take a minute to tell the council what you think of their plan to close the hall except for weekends and holldays

Helen asks an important question here. One reason why we often have to dig deeper, and listen for longer, in NHS user research

I thought Big Sur was a faff, then came this Windows Update

Conversations with patients were the highlights of HETT for me last year. If you could bring a patient perspective to next year's (virtual) event, please do get in touch with Emma

The Service Standard and Manual are works of massive public value creation, shared freely under Open Government Licence. I hope lots of people will get involved alongside Kara and the team in keeping them relevant and reliable

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