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Conversations with patients were the highlights of HETT for me last year. If you could bring a patient perspective to next year's (virtual) event, please do get in touch with Emma

The Service Standard and Manual are works of massive public value creation, shared freely under Open Government Licence. I hope lots of people will get involved alongside Kara and the team in keeping them relevant and reliable

Do you remember when you joined Twitter? I do!
It was during an episode of Torchwood in which the characters barricade themselves inside a house to escape a sinister menace

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Thanks for all the tips. I tracked down another 5 GB thanks to Ross's suggestion of Disk Inventory X. Clearly Dr Pangloss never had to tangle with Excel logging bugs

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2 years ago in a fit of cloud Panglossianism, I bought a 128GB Macbook Air.

After using every optimisation trick, uninstalling a bunch of bloated Adobe apps, and empyting 2GB of browser cache, I might just have enough space to upgrade to Big Sur

If you design or build products or services for the NHS and you’ve never heard of the NHS digital service manual, then it’s time to take a look - new on our blog today

True story: I first saw this video in a bizarre re-tendering pitch by the provider of a legacy website, as a thinly veiled warning not to try to extract ourselves from their rotting whale of a lock-in strategy

Watch some of my brilliant colleagues talking about user-centred design at NHS Digital. So proud of this team

Really enjoyed listening to Anne's latest podcast installment here, especially how Tom gives credit to some of the many leaders who make things happen in Leeds, with and without official titles and positions

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Up early for this week’s @tag plenary meeting…

...and looking again at RFC 8890: The Internet is for End Users, from the IETF's Internet Architecture Board — so we can add references to it from one of our guides.

Important concepts; worth a read.

A vitally important senior role here - Director for Patient Equalities and Health Inequalities for England's National Health Service. Location: Leeds or London

Enjoying this podcast conversation about the value of clinical user experience, and why it has been neglected for so long

In case you missed it, good stuff from Brigit in the NHS App team, including how to involve people with low digital skills in remote user research

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Tonight’s weather forecast - sparkly rain lasers!!! #laserlightcity @LightNightLeeds

Another thoughtful post from Dean on the work he's leading to make our design community more diverse and inclusive

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