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Paying the local milk man via app and electronic payments feels like exactly the right way to apply internet technology.

Editing a doc this afternoon. FFS, I thought, a cheese fiend has been at my keyboard. Rogue carriage return was the culprit

“when organisations become purely focused on feature releases without prioritising design maintenance as part of their backlog”

Conversely, when people work under the constant risk of being second-guessed, their decisions matter less, doing their best work counts for less, and they know it

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When people know they have the unconditional support of leaders they trust, it's a spur to do the right thing more often, and to take greater personal responsibility

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If you're reading this and thinking it's a blank cheque for bad behaviour, you have it the wrong way round

Per the Loosemore Definition, if the day before lockdown, your organisation didn't understand the culture, processes, business models and technologies of the internet era, it's unlikely to be effectively applying then now to respond to people’s raised expectations

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All these claims in various sectors on the lines of "we've achieved 2 years of digital transformation in only 2 months"
Just remember, the forced adoption of tech ≠ the hard human work of transformation, and may even impede it

'How executives can support teams and change institutional ways of working' - lots to learn from in this post by Kate Tarling

True to the NHS Constitution, this is the team that's always pushing to put patients and the public at the heart of what we do. They work fearlessly across organisational boundaries, and in so doing are committed to providing best value for taxpayers' money

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Ending the week with two workshops in which I'm reminded of the growing breadth and depth of talent in our user-centred design community across national NHS organisations

"You're the only person this happens to"
BBC Radio 4 - The Great Post Office Trial, The Imaginary Heist

"The same problems being semi-solved but in sub-optimal ways"
BBC Radio 4 - Seriously…, The Global Ventilator Race

Lots of people talking about different kinds of leadership today, so I caught up on this inspiring conversation between Anne Cooper and Yvonne Coghill. 50 minutes very well spent

“Today’s civil servants need the capacity for what Rainer Kattel calls ‘agile stability’: the ability to both maintain stability and embrace innovation.”

Last few days to apply for the user research operations job at NHS Digital
We have a great and growing team of user researchers. Could you be the one to put in place the processes and tools they need to do their best work?
Leeds or London

Without getting into format holy wars, the "job story" looks like it might be a good fit here. Anyone tried that?

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When translating between policy and service design [situation], I want a simple format to cleanly describe a policy intent [motivation], so that service designers can generate possible solutions and help decision-makers pick the best ones [desired outcome]

How the once mighty phone call has fallen. The only time boy #3 ever uses this obscure function is when he's mislaid his device somewhere in the house and asks one of us to call it

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