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Unexpected bonus of my first pair of varifocals: signing in with 2-factor auth no longer involves a glasses dance as I switch between laptop and phone then back again

Great thread from Dean, continuing to do the hard work to make NHS.UK simpler for everyone who needs it

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Cannot emphasise enough how important the job of fixing the digital plumbing is for the NHS.

Please get every excellent digital plumber you know to apply for this.

If you seriously go for this, I will happily spend a coffee answering your questions about the current pipework.
🚨Job Alert🚨 (another one)

We're looking for a Director of Platforms to scope new platforms for the NHS, fixing the digital plu…

reports of suicide 

France Télécom suicides: Three former bosses jailed

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User-centred, agile-experienced, whole system leaders: just imagine what a difference you could make to health and social care in one of these director-level roles. Leeds or London

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Looking for an experienced contract Python developer, to work with a small team based in Exeter (being remote is fine with some time on-site) - January to March. If you’re great at building decent APIs in Python, and like helping teams learn, get in touch!

2.5 years since I started at NHS Digital, I wrote a thing reflecting on the last 6 months
tldr: still here, levelling up, learning loads

Here's all 7 of us, plus learning set adviser Caroline. Such a privilege to practice board-level working with this unfailingly thoughtful, articulate, and people-centred group

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Looking forward to spending a seventh day with my brilliant learning set colleagues. Their support and challenge this year has been my secret superpower

Proud of boy #1, who didn't have a vote in 2016 or 2017. He's been out campaigning in all weathers for what he believes in. Up early and out of the house for a full day of it today

"Delivering on operational reality for standardisation projects requires... a ‘design thinking’ spirit with attention to multiple mundane details to deliver practical, usable standards"

To the people who say that agile teams don't do planning: pick a few practices from this thread. You'll be planning more often and more effectively than you ever planned before

Watching Arthur Christmas on Netflix. The bit where the blame-free culture breaks down just after the never event of a child's present being missed

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