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So, if you want to learn what your organisation does, ask to see its list of services. Bonus points if the answer is at a publicly accessible web address

Accountability for a whole, needs-based service may well be diffused across organisational boundaries. In that case, it's even more important that everyone involved shares a clear common purpose

Across the public sector, small bands of service designers are working to redescribe, in straightforward terms, what their organisations help people to do.
Their work is founded on primary user research, with the people who use and deliver the services

10+ years ago, Dunleavy and Margetts wrote that digital era governance has three main characteristics: reintegration, digitisation, and needs-based holism.
The hardest of these has been needs-based holism. Until now

Not the acronym-laden pseudo-services that obfuscate, with names like "hubs" and "portals".
I mean user-led "good services are verbs" services, named with words that anyone can understand

Humble advice to any public service leader getting to grips with a new brief: ask to see your organisation's list of services

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I set up a Liberapay page to support Moa. If you use it (especially for commercial purposes) please consider donating. 🙏

Like Twitter in the early days, Mastodon gives me a chronological, non-algorithmic timeline. Its federated architecture seems to have more chance of scaling well, while supporting diversity and community moderation

These days I still read, favourite and retweet stuff on Twitter, but mainly use Mastodon for posting

Do you remember when you joined Twitter? I do! It was a smaller, kinder echo chamber back then

The NHS is on a mission for clinical information to be safely accessed, wherever it is needed. A truly digital leader, who gets user-centred design and agile engineering culture, could make a massive difference to staff and patients in this role

Even better, NHSX is seeking patient advisors to hold us to account and help us to do it right

People in national NHS roles can be scared of public engagement, because we don't always know how to do it well, and we fear that it may derail our existing plans. The guide is intended to help teams overcome that

With input from patients, representatives and NHSX/NHS Digital colleagues, we've been exploring what good likes when it comes to patient and public involvement in digital services

Slow, rainy, Monday morning bus ride to work immeasurably brightened by the wise words of Anne and Mike

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