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Great to see the continued focus on user needs, user research, and user involvement in NHSX's work on AI

... We all know that when you do big change—big migrations, big separations of banks, and big migrations of systems—we put customers at risk.

Anne Boden, CEO of Starling Bank: Modern technology is now released and change managed by implementing a little bit of change often. By having a little bit of change [ ... ] and doing it several times a day, you minimise the impact of that change...

From the report: "We also heard that the approach to change matters..."

Though going back to the source, the wording is a little different: "change management" or "change of management"?

Here's a thing I contributed to about what makes this global event so special

Last few tickets left for the brilliant Leeds GovJam. Not just for public sector people, open to everyone who wants to help make public services better

Great read: Andy Callow's reflections on his first 6 months as Chief Digital Information Officer at Kettering General Hospital

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As ever, this server exists for you and is supported by its users (unlike the standard social platforms). If you'd like to make a regular donation to keep this place running, you can join the collective at

are blogposts about our working week. For us but shared with you

Some hard but inspiring reflections from my fellow weeknoters this week

This looks like a great process for unpicking jargon in any team - blog post by David Durant at Hackney Council

Knowing where you are in the divergence/convergence cycle is such an important, and often overlooked, element of design leadership

Two days with my awesome NHS Leadership Academy learning set. Constructively challenged by patients and staff, giving and receiving feedback on our written work. Lots to bring back to my role at NHS Digital

Quite content to have reached the age of varifocals, afternoon naps, and living vicariously through my children's social media triumphs

That thing where Google picks up the cookie consent copy for the search result snippet but it turns out to be OK

We iterate and learn at the pace we can release to users. When that's measured in minutes and hours, not weeks and months, the quality benefits are massive

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