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Today we issued a notice to formally withdraw the out-of-date NHS Common User Interface standards. I've written a blog post explaining why

That thing where you repeatedly stroke your phone screen to keep it awake while waiting to scan a mobile ticket on public transport. There must be a long German word for that, right?

reports of suicide 

Like the sound of this? Join the team! We have contract opportunities for front end developers with accessibility experience to work on the services that Ashley is researching

Great to see this blog post from NHS website user researcher Ashley Wheat on how we research with people who have access needs

Back to writing after a 2 week pause. I write these mainly for myself but find that making them open makes them better

We needed a service map to show how patients and the public move through the health & care system, so Tero made a start on one. Now he's making it open to make it better. All contributions gratefully received

2 years in and I'm just as excited as the day I joined about the potential for service design and design leadership in the NHS

Meanwhile I'm learning loads from my peers and faculty on the NHS Leadership Academy’s Nye Bevan Programme

In the next year, I want to make sure we take a more strategic view of user experience across the NHS.
I have a slow hunch about the relationship between design and the quality improvement movement in health and care

Chapter 1 of the NHS Long Term Plan began: “Compared with many other countries, our health service is already well designed.”
As the health service’s most senior human-centred design specialist, I worry that makes us sound more complacent than we have any right to be

Thinking about 'old power' and 'new power', having a modicum of both sorts myself, I believe the people wielding both do so with the same basic good intentions. To bridge the old and the new is to daily tread the line between courage and stupidity

Having made the switch from NHS Choices last September, we’re learning what this new site, and new way of working, can really do

Several moments have felt like those season finales in which apparently separate plot strands twist together to reveal where they were heading all along

Exactly 2 years since I joined NHS Digital on a mission to bring human-centered service design to our nation's health and care system. Thanks to all who continue to make it the best job in the world

NHS.UK show and tell: Sarah and Dean introducing the work their team is doing to rethink the 12-year-old information architecture of the UK's most visited health website

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