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** #InternetFirst klaxon! **

We’re moving the NHS away from private networks like N3 and HSCN to running our services over the internet.

This should make it easier to build digital tools for the NHS—in the same way we do for other sectors.

Please help!

All 4 shortlisted entrants would be worthy winners but obviously I'm rooting for the awesome NHS Digital Service Manual team

Good stuff from Tero, breaking out of the silos to look at our service from the point of view of patients and the public. I hope this can evolve into an open artefact that other people use and contribute to.

reports of suicide 

reports of suicide 

My mailbox is filling up with emails reminding me that my mailbox is almost full. Boy #2 says, imagine if Royal Mail did that with real letters

Nod from Kevin Cunnington to the power of a design system at the leading edge of transformation: "The fact that we _look_ joined up will create the expectation from citizens that we _are_ joined up"

Jyoti on how NHS Blood and Transplant is using GOV UK Notify to send text message reminders for blood donation appointments. A great platform that many other organisations could use

And now the brilliant Tom Forth from tells how he used the city's open data to meet the user needs of people looking for social housing

Tom Riordan on our spirit of civic enterprise: We flipped the model and started from the individual. Not asking 'what children's services do we need?' but 'how can we make Leeds the best city to grow up in?'

The one where all my worlds converge. Who'd've thought I'd be here watching Eve and Lisa kicking off a massive GDS event

Well worth a watch - the brilliant Sophie Dennis and Dom Campbell talking service design for urgent and emergency care at I'm so pleased that there is space for work like this in our NHS

We risk overcomplicating things to make them sound like innovation. Someone told me that showing patients the wait times for A&E before they set off was a "nudge". That's not a behavioural insight, it's common sense and human courtesy

For example I saw a couple of great examples of the power of putting information into the hands of NHS workers and patients at the point of need. In 2019 this feels pretty basic to me, but both had been funded as "innovation"

Reflection after : when we set up a false opposition between "innovation" and "getting the basics right" we're in real danger of talking at cross-purposes because what looks innovative to one person looks like getting the basics right to another

... but others - multiple clicks and drop-downs - are just terrible interaction design. We've made huge progress for patients and the public with NHS.UK design patterns and frontend kit. Time for professional users to see some of that too

Some due to lack of openness and interoperability (service design can help there)...

A string of urgent and emergency care clinicians at describing their frustration at systems that slow them down.

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