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As a rule of thumb, the bigger the media outlet, the less they seem to care about the principle that links should live forever

That post was suffering from a bad case of linkrot, which I mostly managed to repair by chiselling out the old links and inserting new ones from the Internet Archive

Finding 10-years-ago-me's use of hyperlinks a bit exhausting tbh

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There’s a brilliant and free event about 💜Wellbeing💜 in Leeds on 6 June. V useful for anyone supporting wellbeing initiatives in their organisation, personally interested or wanting to know how to help others.

See you there?



Here’s what we expect of all our NHS Digital teams. We're far from perfect but we're getting there

✔️ Consider accessibility at every stage
✔️ Make it the whole team’s responsibility
✔️ Research with users with disabilities

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"machine learning, which is a form of money laundering for bias" - ⁦⁩

That is an absolutely ELECTRIC statement 🙌 Incredible testimony on the state of modern tech in society

I'll always be able to say that was my pixel

And on reaching this milestone I feel able to brag about my own small contribution to the original 26 point standard

Great work by all involved in the latest update to the Service Standard - now truly a standard for the whole service, not just the digital bits

This week's design leadership conundrum: Radically improving user experience doesn’t fit neatly into chunks that can be prioritised and funded. How to make sure that the essence of that work, and the capacity for people to do it, is remembered in the rooms where decisions are made?

So excited about the changes the team are making this year. Since Leeds hosted the global HQ in 2016, I've hoped it could step up a level and reach many more places. You have until October to make this amazing public service event happen for your city. Go!

“For governments used to modes of funding not suited to platforms, such as funding fixed-term projects or operating on a cost recovery basis, this may represent a big change both practically and culturally.”

Late in 2017, ran a sketching session in our weekly design huddle to gather ideas for improving patient letters generated by the e-Referrals system. This week, a family member received one of the better letters that resulted from that work. Little changes, national impact :)

We're so lucky at NHS Digital to have a design leader as focused and thoughtful as Dean Vipond. Brilliant post here on the growing pains of design leadership

The prototypes not presentations rule especially applies to services used internally, which rarely see the light of day. So often a good idea is let down by poor design execution. If you have an example you're proud of, prove me wrong. Making things open makes things better

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