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Brilliant to see an meetup in Leeds, with lots of NHS Digital people taking part, of course

Awesome evening at the very first @A11y_Leeds event. Amazing to be surrounded by like-minded people (incl. colleagues from 3 of my grad placements!), and I can't wait to see where this meet up goes!

Took some photos in 2010 when Majestyk was on Leeds Civic Trust's Heritage at Risk list. Found this chalked on the wall of the derelict building ❤️

The digital cut of Perpetua seems pretty faithful to the original, but as metal type, each letter had the spacing it was cast with, regardless of what other letters were adjacent to it

A note for GovTypographyGeeks muttering that you could drive a Routemaster bus between the A and the T: to match the original, I had to undo much of the good work of modern digital pair kerning

Thanks to @Edent for adding this NHS replica design to his GovGeeks shop. It's based on the leaflet that announced the new service to millions of households

Challenge for next week: find a different way to have those conversations

But I found myself talking at cross-purposes with people who had taken a rules-based approach, for whom considering consequences seemed irrelevant or even illegitimate to their task

As designers, we care about consequences. We solve problems in the world as it is. NHS design principle #2 is "Design for the outcome"

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Related: I have only once in >18 months requested a change to someone else's NHS Digital blog post about design. It was when someone wrote that they used the design sprint method to "shortcut the design process". The misunderstanding is real

"We need to talk about Design Sprints” by Chris Compston
I like the idea of calling them "design spikes" not "design sprints". We should have designers and design in every sprint, but sometimes we need a special focus on design investigation

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In tech, you whack out a prototype and collect evidence as you go along.

In health, anything not grounded in years of rigorous clinical research is seen as unproven.

Our job is to bridge those two cultures. #NHSX

This was great fun. Thanks to #DHRewired19 for having me!

Londonwards, looking forward to meeting up with my amazing learning set colleagues today. As a newcomer to the NHS I'm learning loads from leaders who have dedicated their careers to the service

Likely an artefact of the fact that big blocks of black didn't play nicely in letterpress printing

Although personally I reckon the stippled background is part of the original's charm and authenticity

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