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5 Rules for Integrating UX with Agile and Scrum - Great list. Would add “0. A dedicated user researcher on every team”

A lot of people like to knock their corporate IT departments. Let it be known that @NHSDigital we have colleagues who go out of their way to support designers, developers and all sorts of other professionals who need "non-standard" kit

An intense day but time well spent. As a profession group, there's nothing more important to us than developing the talent of the future

Team photo of all the user researchers, designers, content people, and graduates who helped today in the assessment centre for our first ever cohort of NHS Digital user-cented design graduates

Started a blog post on the theme "more of needs more more of the time". It's already a katamari of , , designerly iteration, and the NHS Long Term Plan (pic credit phl)

Reinforced for me: designing for accessibility first makes things better for all our users; importance of manual, automated, and semi-automated testing, not relying too heavily on any one test approach

Learned loads in accessibility training with Alastair Campbell of Nomensa today. Great to get insights tailored to the NHS website and some of our other services. Developers, designers, and testers all in the room

In the fortnightly NHS website show and tell, hearing how our teams are using data from search engines and web analytics to design more useful information on topics including autism, and cervical screening

In my diary this week:

* interviews for a key role on the NHS website team

* user research lab on data opt-out and the NHS App

* open source event including demo of the NHS.UK Frontend

* accessibility training

* talk to RCA Service Design students

* assessment centre for NHS Digital UCD grads

I know it’s not cool to say this, but I love my job.

Above all, lovely to see my NHS Digital team members, including some of our brilliant graduates, interacting with the leading thinkers in the sector. I hope they're inspired to submit talks and workshops for SD in Gov 2020!

SorryNotSorry to have skipped several great talks in favour of corridor conversations and working sessions with my colleagues. The productive informality of the conference campus enabled different conversations than the ones we have in the office

Thoughts duly provoked by the other two keynotes, Cormac and Ade. It's very healthy for our community to be challenged about all the stuff that's not simply service

Especially impressed by the health-related case studies from Guy's & St Thomas's and NHS BSA. Both make me optimistic for the future of design in the NHS.

Heading south after three amazing days among my clan at Service Design in Government 2019. Thanks to the brilliant team at Software Acumen and Sophie as programme chair, who all made it so easy for the speakers

Ask "What matters to you enough to contribute to the wellbeing of your neighbours?" Not only do their neighbours get better but they do too - Cormac Russell

"We're confusing people's needs with our service categories."
"If the user had your salary would they use it to buy the services that you provide?"
- Cormac Russell

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