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"Researching in silos leads to false positives" - this from Leisa rings true, it's why we work to structure and share user research activity across NHS Digital

Great to welcome our largest ever cohort of graduate trainees to the Digital Services Delivery profession at NHS Digital this afternoon. Excited for all they will bring to their roles in content, design, user research, product and delivery management

People at the table I was on made a point about the language we use. Because words matter!

Great conversations and experience sharing from all these wonderful people, plus others not pictured

Really looking forward to our workshop today: patients, patient representatives, NHSX and NHS Digital staff working together to improve the way we include patients and the public in design and delivery of digital services

After a busy week, retreating to the gorgeous Leeds Library to get some writing done on my NHS Leadership Academy element 2 submission

This book is making me think differently about the connections between the health of our democracy and the health of the people we serve

Nervous States: How Feeling Took Over the World by William Davies < recommended reading for colleagues in the NHS, a service that can only succeed at the intersection between facts and feeling

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Thrilled we can announce a new £250m AI Lab in #NHSX!

We will be transforming some of our community’s best efforts to improve health and care, using applied AI.


I'm privileged to have met and worked with some of them. They're engaging with some of society's most intractable issues, and collectively driving forward the whole field of design

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The Internet that wasn’t

Great article from Wendy M. Grossman on the long history of the various ‘ills’ that afflict the Internet.

As someone who first got online in 1989, and was on both CIX and Usenet in the early 90s, I can remember a lot of the events she describes…

Got my rainbow lanyard thanks to our brilliant NHS Digital LGBT and Allies staff network. Pledging to be a more visible ally myself.

Thank you Sigma UK! Fully captioned video of my talk on user-centred design and the experience of care

If you missed yesterday's show and tell, grab a coffee this afternoon and watch this video to find out how our teams and community are collaborating around the NHS digital service manual

Tune in at 11am today for the live streamed NHS digital service manual show and tell. Also available to watch later on YouTube. Register your interest here

Privileged to show NHS Digital board members some of the kit going into our new accessibility lab, all briliiantly demonstrated by Becca, Leigh and Sarah

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