In lieu of , I present my reflections after 5 years doing digital and user-centred design in the national organisations

Back into for 2022. Hoping that if I strip things back and simplify, I’ll be better at publishing every week

After a hiatus due to change of job, the pre-election period, and all-consuming work on a new service, it feels good to be back and posting among the crew

Last 2 weeks:
* Went for some walks
* Sat on an overcast beach
* Looked at some castles

This week:
* Being grateful to colleagues for their brilliant work under trying circumstances
* Re-focusing on what’s important and what’s harder than it should be

are blogposts about our working week. For us but shared with you

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Back to writing after a 2 week pause. I write these mainly for myself but find that making them open makes them better

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