Oh look, 12 years ago today, was the first drinks event. That led to more formal Thinks events, and the same crew hosting and in the city. I'm lucky to still know and work with many of them today

This is an important step for the , and a massive opportunity for 7 experienced professionals. No one better than Pete to be leading the charge

I still believe the practices of co-creation and co-production emerging in health and social care will be the foundations for the next phase of people-centred - though at times that still feels a long way off

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Don't miss out on your chance to hire Misaki, awesome, thoughtful, creative researcher/designer 🇬🇧🇸🇪🇯🇵

Thanks to Martin Jordan for this parting gift of wisdom after 6 years of amazing work building the profession in UK government

Every day patients and staff feel the impact of services that were never consciously designed following user-centred methods. It's time to professionalise , and this apprenticeship standard could make an important contribution

Calling all suppliers on the gov Digital Outcomes and Specialists framework: NHS Digital needs your help to scale user-centred design approaches throughout delivery. See Digital Marketplace for details digitalmarketplace.service.gov

Looking forward to joining a panel discussion at today. Full of respect for the heroes who deliver urgent & emergency care every day, and the heroes untangling the technology needed to do so events.england.nhs.uk/events/d

So excited about the changes the team are making this year. Since Leeds hosted the global HQ in 2016, I've hoped it could step up a level and reach many more places. You have until October to make this amazing public service event happen for your city. Go! globaljams.org/jam/globalgovja

So which and care organisations, anywhere in the world, are furthest along on this maturity model? link.medium.com/27ZiPwofUV

I talk a lot about pace layers and why pacing is so important in for health and care. Blog post still stuck in my head, so this picture will have to do for now

Started a blog post on the theme "more of needs more more of the time". It's already a katamari of , , designerly iteration, and the NHS Long Term Plan (pic credit phl)

Thoughts duly provoked by the other two keynotes, Cormac and Ade. It's very healthy for our community to be challenged about all the stuff that's not simply service

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Heading south after three amazing days among my clan at Service Design in Government 2019. Thanks to the brilliant team at Software Acumen and Sophie as programme chair, who all made it so easy for the speakers

‪18 months as a health and care insider and the term “service redesign” still bothers me. It implies that: 1. we start from a legacy service, and 2. design is discontinuous‬. Why not just ?

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