Enjoyed watching Darius in conversation with my brilliant colleague Rachel Hope "Primer: Frighteningly ambitious ideas and patient execution"

Important new role in the job family: specialist

Well done to all involved in getting this added to the framework. Highly relevant to organisations too

Thoroughly recommend colleagues to consider the leadership academy's . I did it in 2019-20 and apply something I learned there every working day. Applications open now

Good stuff from Ian here, getting out of the building to see how digital services work for staff in communities. Agree on the need to not impose "hospital" language and assumptions when the care is given in people's homes

We're working on England's urgent and emergency care strategy, and want to hear as many views as possible:
Have you seen good practice?
Where might we innovate?
What's your experience of care?


This is an important step for the , and a massive opportunity for 7 experienced professionals. No one better than Pete to be leading the charge

In lieu of , I present my reflections after 5 years doing digital and user-centred design in the national organisations

When you use 111 online or over the phone, the Directory of Services helps route you to the right care, any time of day or night, anywhere in England. Could you be its new service owner? jobs.nhs.uk/xi/vacancy/9172487

In 5 years I've changed jobs twice and organisation once, to get closer to a vision of a strategic capability for the whole — making visible what’s valuable, and supporting creative leaps to deliver better service

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Friday night in with Top of the Pops 1992 and spouse doing battle with an online form from a local trust. The guidance is all here, people, please use it service-manual.nhs.uk/content/

Arriving in Manchester for another urgent and emergency care visit with England colleagues

Better use of data is one of our themes for digital in urgent and emergency care - giving information back to the people who plan and deliver care, so they can continuously improve together with patients and communities

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3 years ago at , full of hope for new ways of addressing the intractable issues of urgent and emergency care

Great work by the service manual team, and partners, on this new standard designed for any organisation that produces health and care information

Really looking forward to joining today's England virtual conference. There's so much that user-centred design professionals can learn by collaborating with the engagement and participation movement in health and care

Just a few days left to submit your award nominations for the digital, data, and technology professionals making the biggest difference to England's and

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