We're working on England's urgent and emergency care strategy, and want to hear as many views as possible:
Have you seen good practice?
Where might we innovate?
What's your experience of care?


A special shout out to the growing band of and professionals helping to make sure we understand and meet the needs of people and communities for the next 74 years

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Drawn back to this blog post that I published 3 years ago today. Still pretty much where I stand on the skills and approaches we need to nurture in health and care

"If we can make our systems a little less “demanding on the brain”, a little less destructive of people’s work-life balance..." Important post from Tosin

111 online show and tell day. I'm always impressed by the team's openness to user insight. Choice quote from today: "We in the team really didn't want to do this, but we tried it and it worked for users"

Inspired by “The notion of design as the ‘Third Carer’" - Ab Rogers quoted by Lord Ajay Kakkar, chair of the King’s Fund in (paywalled) HSJ article

Calling all suppliers on the gov Digital Outcomes and Specialists framework: NHS Digital needs your help to scale user-centred design approaches throughout delivery. See Digital Marketplace for details digitalmarketplace.service.gov

97 people on this morning's product development show and tell for demos of three important new services in support of covid vaccinations. Awesome achievement and a masterclass in how to .

If you design or build products or services for the NHS and you’ve never heard of the NHS digital service manual, then it’s time to take a look - new on our blog today

Watch some of my brilliant colleagues talking about user-centred design at NHS Digital. So proud of this team twitter.com/NHSDigital/status/

Enjoying this podcast conversation about the value of clinical user experience, and why it has been neglected for so long twitter.com/JamesSomauroo/stat

In case you missed it, good stuff from Brigit in the NHS App team, including how to involve people with low digital skills in remote user research


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