Arrived in Norwich ahead of 111 visit with digital urgent and emergency care colleagues tomorrow. Looking forward to meeting everyone and seeing the service in action

4 years ago today, celebrating the empty desks of colleagues who get out of the building together to meet their users

The Wade-Gery review demands that people like me with decision making responsibility in the NHS should be constantly aware of the day to day reality of the citizen experience. Here's my one weird trick for making sure I am

Topping up my by observing one of our brilliant NHS website user researchers interviewing members of the public over Teams

In the user research lab today: people trying out updated cancer content for the NHS website. Sessions expertly run by researcher Ana and content designer Kirsty, and a first research experience for some of our new graduate trainees

First stop today: observing user research on the NHS website. My Mastodon profile tells me the last time I did this was 4 December. That’s too long :(

Great to see some of our NHS Digital graduates conducting interviews and taking notes in the user research observation room today

Getting out of the building to observe user research with the NHS website redesign team this morning. Have you had your ?

Modest proposal 

Mandatory user research observation hours for all technology senior leaders

Open social media for the UK