A funny thing happened at the seaside the other day, which I feel must be a metaphor for something


We parked the car at a country park and followed a sign to the beach. It led us over a saltmarsh with a few puddles, and a little detour round a place where the water had breached the old line of the path

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When we got to the beach, fully clothed, shoes dry, another beachgoer stared at us in amazement, as if we'd just walked on water

"How did you get here?" she asked

We shrugged. "We parked at the car park and followed the path," we replied, "Why?"

Turns out she and her family had slopped their way across an estuary at low tide and were now dreading the swim back, thinking that was the only access to the beach

Another day that could have been us

When you're struggling through the bog, how do you tell if there's a car park and well-made path just around the corner?

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