Sunday morning cycle along the canal to Apperley Bridge Marina

@mattedgar not to be confused (as I was momentarily) with Appley Bridge, on the same(? the Leeds-Liverpool) canal but a bit further west. Thought you were cranking up the distances for a minute 🚴‍♂️ 😃

@amcewen yes, the milestones along this section say Liverpool 120 miles. A bit beyond my range!

@mattedgar the canal takes a pretty windy route - it's 21 miles from Liverpool to Appley Bridge, or 29 miles if you cycle along the canal. I have cycled the canal as far as Wigan, which is ~35 miles, but haven't ventured any further yet I'll give you a shout for a coffee if I ever make it as far as Apperley Bridge 🤣

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