How can we attract the best digital, data and technology talent to work in health and care? Come and join us at these DDaT unconferences to help move our profession forward

Events in Leeds and London, and even if you can't join in person, you can contribute suggestions of topics to discuss

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Thanks to a brilliant team working across NHS Digital, NHSX, and other health and care national organisations for making this happen

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@mattedgar these look really interesting, but it's a bit opaque in terms of who is organising them, what the motivations are, and what the remit is? Is there a blog post I've missed or anything?

@mattstibbs Thanks, I'll pass that on to the organising team, a small group from across NHS Digital, NHSX and other national organisations. A blog post would be a good idea

@mattstibbs Deliberately trying to keep it open-ended, but agree that should not = opaque

@mattedgar Thanks - I think it's mainly that after a bit of searching around I couldn't work out whether it was just a group of people from those orgs working together, or it was an officially-sponsored thing by those orgs etc. And then sign-up form doesn't really let on who is behind it. A blog post would probably sort all that out.

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