Heading south after three amazing days among my clan at Service Design in Government 2019. Thanks to the brilliant team at Software Acumen and Sophie as programme chair, who all made it so easy for the speakers

Especially impressed by the health-related case studies from Guy's & St Thomas's and NHS BSA. Both make me optimistic for the future of design in the NHS.

Thoughts duly provoked by the other two keynotes, Cormac and Ade. It's very healthy for our community to be challenged about all the stuff that's not simply service

SorryNotSorry to have skipped several great talks in favour of corridor conversations and working sessions with my colleagues. The productive informality of the conference campus enabled different conversations than the ones we have in the office

Above all, lovely to see my NHS Digital team members, including some of our brilliant graduates, interacting with the leading thinkers in the sector. I hope they're inspired to submit talks and workshops for SD in Gov 2020!

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