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@Floppy No rush, hope the election went well for you. What a week! Lewes still blue :(

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BASIC computer language is 53 years old today. Retweet if BASIC was your first computer language? #ThisDayinSTEM

20 GOTO 20

@denaghdesign Yes that's a common problem with new/alternative things like this. Hard to know how to bridge that gap.

Feeling like I’m spread a bit too thinly across different online communities right now: Mastodon,, pnut &c &c.

Just read some Seneca and identified with this:

“To be everywhere is to be nowhere”

@mjb Oh no, I hadn't heard he passed. thanks for sharing. That book was very important to me growing up.

@timrowe Those podcasts are usually pretty interesting

Here's a podcast about Open Collective
--- and don't forget you can help fund at // @Floppy

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Don't kill all your dark areas - you need them to show the light.

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@joemattinson Hey man this is my usual account. btw I would avoid pawoo if i were you. dodgy content.

@timrowe Now and again. The thing is indieweb friendly so that's good.

@timrowe Already bored of it!
*deletes account*
*sets fire to computer*

@timrowe Will try. V early days so far, can't even follow ppl or access a timeline etc.

@Alastair Painfully true :)