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BASIC computer language is 53 years old today. Retweet if BASIC was your first computer language?

20 GOTO 20

Feeling like I’m spread a bit too thinly across different online communities right now: Mastodon,, pnut &c &c.

Just read some Seneca and identified with this:

“To be everywhere is to be nowhere”

Here's a podcast about Open Collective
--- and don't forget you can help fund at // @Floppy

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Don't kill all your dark areas - you need them to show the light.
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Writing an essay for my course and it's absolute torture.

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So, interesting notion, probably some of you already know: boosts ("re-toots") can be deleted by clicking on the 🔄 symbol. However, if the boost has crossed the border to another instance, it cannot be deleted from there!
You can only delete boosts from your own instance. They will still appear to your followers who follow you from different instances!

@Floppy Your posts are not in my local timeline, somehow.

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Juicero CEO Begs You: Do NOT Squeeze Our Juice Bags

Plan for the day:
- get a haircut
- make a pizza
- help run school disco
- hoover all the floors

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If users on this server donated a dollar a month to keep it running, we'd easily cover our costs.

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Good news! is now on OpenCollective, where we can crowdsource the running costs. Set up a regular donation now, everything helps!

More information to come on there later about what we need to raise, etc.