82 – Surviving Lockdown Special is out, featuring the usual crew (@kevie,@mcnalu,@thelovebug) along with some special guests including @frenchguych and @Moosical along with the usual mix of

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@mcnalu @ghostdancer @kevie @thelovebug @Moosical
Morning folks,
Does the feed I'm using need a kick?
Antennapod isn't picking up the new show.
The feed I'm subscribed to is

@ghostdancer @timttmy @kevie @mcnalu @Moosical
I'm sorry, I'm an idiot. During the last update on the website, I must've enabled caching by mistake. I shall not have a beer this evening as punishment.

@thelovebug Downloading . You begin like that and end blaming yourself for the covid-19. @timttmy @kevie @mcnalu @Moosical

At least there's a distinction between accusing yourself of a virus, and others accusing you of creating a virus that just happens to be the same as your online moniker.
@timttmy @kevie @mcnalu @Moosical

@thelovebug You can always say you found the cure , to the feed problem at least. 😉 @timttmy @kevie @mcnalu @Moosical

I'm not convinced I can claim to have found the "cure" to something I may have (inadvertently) caused in the first place?
@timttmy @kevie @mcnalu @Moosical

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