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O Mestrado Profissional em TI da UFRN lançou edital para seleção de novos discentes regulares!
Para ver o edital corre lá na página do programa - posgraduacao.ufrn.br/ppgti - e acessa o menu Processos Seletivos!

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Tune in to the BreakThru Research Podcast, Senior Lecturer in Software Engineering @kaduardo_br@twitter.com explores topics like Self-adaptive Software Systems, Service-orientation and Business Process, Secure by design, Digital Identity Management, and Access Control anchor.fm/industryninnovation/

"Do you need a public blockchain? The answer is almost certainly no. A blockchain probably doesn’t solve the security problems you think it solves."

Re-reading this (schneier.com/blog/archives/201) after a while brings back so many memories ...

A(nother) superb piece by Heather.

Finding people to teach that — let alone within the space of one seminar! — is likely the even bigger challenge...

QT WebDevLaw: New personal blog post: a professor got in touch to ask me what I would teach his undergraduates about privacy. That got me thinking of an ideal privacy training curriculum for future developers. webdevlaw.uk/2021/03/21/privac

Today & maybe tomorrow I'd like to describe the basic theory behind various techniques for building distributed software. What some of the main building blocks are, how they work as nontechnically & briefly as I can, what they're useful for, and namedrop some implementations you might have heard of.

Feel free to expand on this thread with more indepth links or other techniques I've overlooked!

Explicitly out-of-scope is cryptography, that'll be discussed another day.


Mission complete. Rocksmith on Steam on Fedora Linux with low latency audio using jack and guitarix.

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New project for the weekend: Rocksmith on Steam on Fedora linux.

I am unreasonably pleased that, for the first time I can remember, someone has challenged us using our "Check it is us calling you" system, to verify it was actually us calling because they didn't recognise our phone number.

And, joy of joys, it happens to be #SaferInternetDay.

good to see advances with Java on raspberry pi. Maybe it's time to go back to play with it.

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