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@gargron that’s great news! Do you know how popular is in Spanish speaking countries?

@Floppy sounds interesting, adding it to review when I’m home!

@northernjamie wow, that’s madness I mean it’s usually around 60 to 90 pounds with Virgin but £200, jezzzz!

@nolan thanks for sharing that article, it’s very insightful!

@mhamzahkhan same here, hopefully we won’t have to stand him for much longer!

At a meeting today with O2, EE, Vodafone, ThreeUK about mobile blocking, to discuss @openrightsgroup ’s report - make the BBFC's appeals better, stop blocking things like wedding photographers and cannabis oils

We really are reaching a turning point here: the the one where our lives are either assisted by technologies for our benefit or entirely determined by technology corporations for their profits.

Do you use app?

Watch out for their new privacy policy...

You can opt out of having personal data shared with social media companies fro November 12th.

Surveillance capitalism strikes again, this time with banking. Not a surprise that a company like Revolut are doing this!

Moved my account to a new instance run by @Floppy from my original @javi hoping to use it a little bit more now :-)

Open social media for the UK