Apologies if this isn't your thing but my feed will be full of jaunting around on bikes this weekend.

The city slickers were getting very worried about the lack of pubs and cafes in rural Somerset, who knew! Happily just arrived at a cafe that does PIZZA! 🍕

Made it to Glastonbury which is basically Totnes on better drugs. There's a couple of skinheads playing the blues on a Dire Straits guitar just outside our window, they're pretty good!

Day 3. Bit of a late start due to a massive breakfast with our very lovely but very chatty host in Glastonbury, we're now in Wells. Famously the location of Hot Fuzz, oh and there's a cathedral or something

2 pints at the Brent Knoll in to fix a flat, final push to Cheddar. Crossing the M5 feels very overwhelming after the last couple of day

Made it to Cheddar 48 miles today, hooray for the Youth Hostel not being stringent about being a youth!

Day 4 starting it right with a YHA breakfast, not bad!

The only day we're on a schedule so of course it's puncture day!

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