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While a healthy, balanced diet is essential for anyone, people living with (FA) should pay close attention to the texture of the foods they eat.

Learn more about making smart food choices in our Managing FA Brochure: bit.ly/3fMB3bU

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Now in private beta, @GOVUK@twitter.com Forms will enable any government team to create simple, accessible digital forms in a few minutes.

For insight, read more on how we've worked with @involvencygovuk@twitter.com on the new forms platform: gds.blog.gov.uk/2022/10/06/mak

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New NHS acronym to add to my pantheon today: GDS 😮

Confusion reigned!

(It's General Dental Services, not Government Digital Service y'all)

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"She can't get inside the building because of her wheelchair."

No. She can't get inside because the building is not accessible. The building has a barrier that does not let her in. The wheelchair is not the problem; the building's lack of access is the problem.

Words matter.

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If you were compiling a list of the behaviours and attributes of a good team member, what should be on this list?

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Worth a shot.

I am a freelancer and currently looking for some work. Does anyone know of any organisations that need some support on a project?

Ideally looking for something related to urban planning, community engagement, events or urban greening etc.

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This is some David Copperfield level magic right here. 🪄 ✨

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Always proud to work for @scope@twitter.com, but even more so today.

Alt: Digital billboard at Conservative conference. Picture of Liz Truss, text is: “We worked harder on this ad, than the government has for disabled people scope.org.uk/CostOfLiving, Scope = Equality for disabled people twitter.com/duncanshrubsole/st

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Disabled toilets were always gender neutral and no one was ever up in arms about that. It's almost like the fuss around GN toilets is about bullying a minority rather than caring for people.

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Since this row - and arguments like this - are going to dominate the next month, a few facts: twitter.com/steven_swinford/st

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The budget's corporation tax cut will cost £18.7 billion - so £18 billion in public service cuts is a direct redistribution from public services to corporate profits independent.co.uk/news/uk/poli

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Builder next door whistling 'Stop the cavalry' by Jonah Lewie is not the GrumbleGrumbleChristmasComesEarlierEveryYear take I was expecting tbh

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Just 2 minutes of ponies cantering…

You can hear them coming if you have your sound up

What a privilege to watch them

(Apologies for my crap video skills)

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