bounty, a bit of rain has given the Broadbeans the signal they were waiting for.

We planted these in October.

Had a beautiful run this morning. First one in a week because COVID knocked me off my feet last week.

I went to in the end, no idea about any manifestos so I just held my nose and cast my vote along party lines.

So much for an informed electorate making rational decisions.

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Today is the polling day for the in the UK.

I have not seen a single Candidate, party activist or even a leaflet posted through the letterbox in the weeks leading up to today.

Maybe all the local parties are using a really really old map of and forgot my village exists.

if you can be bothered, because they can't be bothered to tell us anything about who they are or what they stand for.

My ,

Father of two based in .

I've looked at Mastodon a few years ago but I was never really into social media so I didn't continue with it. I do care about privacy and /#twitter reminded me Mastodon was a thing and so I'm giving it another go.

I like:

Open social media for the UK