Me: humming “walk the dinosaur”
Mrs: “will you stop with that annoying song?!”
Me: “sorry… it’s Erin’s fault”
E: “why’s it my fault”
Me: “because you said ‘wooz’ not ‘was’”

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@Floppy I'm starting a local thing that I think you might be interested in. Would you have a few minutes for a chat at some point?

Got the tree lights out the box yesterday & discovered the cables were snapped. I was ready to go and buy a new set. This morning decided to try & repair them. Result!

Hey @heydon can I pick your brain please? I’m working on a service that’s using an AWS file upload provided by another department. There is no non JS fallback. That’s a WCAG fail isn’t it? I’m thinking checkpoint 4.2

Tomorrow evening WorthingDigital are holding our last social of the year at 8pm tomorrow. We'll be at The Cow & Oak from 8pm Let us know if you're coming

I’m looking for a Front End Developer to join me in Worthing working on digital transformation in a large government organisation. Interested? Give me a shout. (Not recruiters though, we have enough of those)

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The ∞ stages of software development

* denial
* anger
* confusion
* anger again
* swearing
* more denial
* back to confusion
* realisation
* wondering how you could have been so stupid
* embarrasment
* declaring it all fixed
* GOTO 10

Now would be a good time to sign this. Let’s try to get a people’s vote, see if Brexit really still is “The will of the people”

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"The universe is a pretty big place. If it's just us, seems like an awful waste of space"

-- Carl Sagan

I need to find some more people to follow on here. What's the best way to go about it?

Got really fed up with the amount of time I was mindlessly spending on Facebook, but couldn't quite bring myself to delete the app. So I've moved out to a screen on its own & turned off notifications. I haven't been tempted to look in over a day. Hoping this continues. I've put Amaroq in its place to try encourage me to toot more frequently

Having said I wouldn't upgrade my iPhone this year (I'm on the upgrade programme) I'm now thinking I will, mainly for the better HDR. So the question is do I go for the X s or X s max & which colour?

Probably should have tooted this on Thursday night when it was happening. I was extremely happy with the turn out for WorthingDigital's Brighton Digital Festival event "The End of Digital". Around 100 people joined us at The Dome Cinema to hear from Applied Futurist Tom Cheesewright. (That's a lot of "digitals" in one sentence)

if you're in or around Brighton, this looks like a great oppertunity to mentor & generally do some good

really unhappy that Google are discontinuing inbox. My whole email workflow revolves around it

@Floppy I wonder whether you'd be interested in any of the events we're running at WorthingDigital over the next few months? Even if not I'd appreciate if you could share them with othe Horsham types

can anyone suggest a good place to get rollout banners (like you see at conferences)?

Wondering whether it’s worth setting up a separate mastodon account for WorthingDigital, or maybe I should just promote our events as me here 🤔

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