Last year I started writing down my bucket list. This year I realised that you have to actually *do* some. Most of mine involve travel, so I guess I'd better crack on with some of the few that don't.

"Hey Siri, show me why Twitter is awful and I should just delete my account"

Has anyone EVER remembered to enable SSH first time when setting up a new Raspberry Pi?

The joy of checking your work calendar and seeing that you’ve been triple booked since yesterday.

During the pandemic, getting prescriptions in the post would be very handy. What I want to know is: would that make life/business harder or easier for my local pharmacy?

merging dependency updates in lieu of brain thinking

@bjwebb welcome to the server! Great to see you here, I don’t think we’ve met but we probably know many of the same people in the open data space :)

There’s no more Firefly, but there’s a third Skyline film. I really don’t understand how that happens.

Here is a patreon on the philosophy of Hey Duggee and The Simpsons. I think it might be the best thing ever:

One lovely thing about the Fediverse is that for me running this server, there is no driver for growth. I don't have to accept all the signups because I'm chasing numbers for some VC. In fact, smaller is better :)

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Had an account application for today that said in their "why are you here" message that they’d left Twitter because it was too left wing and there was no free speech.

Couldn't hit reject fast enough. If you feel restricted by Twitter's TOS, then you certainly aren't gonna be welcomed on this server. Jog on.

Yes, it's a personal judgement. No, I don't care.

@humanetech I was wondering about something like this:

• Social networks are blue now, no use fighting it, but a deep blue evokes a universe, as in the Fediverse.
• I wanted to avoid the connected-network motif, which seems a bit busy, so I've gone for an infinity-symbol instead.
• The swoosh evokes rings on a planet, again tying into the universe theme.
• The design resembles a lowercase cursive F for Fediverse.
• It scales OK and has only two colours so should adapt to a range of contexts.

Open Standards Board application done. Not my best writing ever, but given the circumstances, at least it's in.

Horsham Park, Tory heartland. Good work whoever did this :)

Then after that I have to convert an application from MongoDB to SQL before Tuesday in order to rescue one of my favourite bits of previous work from oblivion. Oh god. I just want to sleep.

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Completely exhausted. But I now have to find the mental energy to write an application letter for the Open Standards Board. Only consolation I have is that all the other applicants will be exhausted too when writing theirs.

Though obviously I’d prefer a federated alternative, but I think for now Signal is probably as good as it gets.

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