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James Smith @Floppy

@jonobennett I dunno... personally I want to still use it, but the momentum has slowed down a bit. Also, if I could get a unified client for both this and twitter, I’d probably use it more. Still, long game I think.

I finally managed to write about the fall and rise of ODI Labs. floppy.org.uk/blog/2017/07/20/.

They’re recruiting now, you should work there.

@ej more like vice versa - markdown is mainly based on expressions commonly used in older ASCII interfaces like IRC :)

@miqrojamie welcome to mastodon.me.uk :)

@ej dunno really, it seemed to mostly make sense based on experience, I guess. I’ve not really got into borrows and things yet, so that’s still a bit of a grey area.

This evening, I picked up Rust for the first time and built a working, deployed, useful webservice. Nice to know I can still do things like that when I focus.

Fed up of seeing good people trying to do good things and hitting brick walls, time and again, the last few years. Fed up a bit of being one of those, too.

We may be organising a conference called OverEngineered, all about the excessive use of technology for fun. If you’re interested, or fancy giving a talk about your ridiculous project, sign up at overengineeredconf.github.io !

I seem to have accidentally organised a thing again.

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Turns out the reason no boys came to the yard was that the milkshake's attraction field was too intense. For miles around, boys were pinned to the walls closest to the milkshake, unable to move let alone reach doors and visit the yard.

Luckily, we were able to power down the milkshake before any serious injuries were sustained. All further milkshake tests will proceed in flat open areas, like salt flats or the lunar surface.

@gargron I reckon it’s simpler than dealing with the real problems that we all share...

Sorry for the outage there, Heroku in their wisdom disabled SSL at their end because it "wasn't configured properly" (yes it is but Cloudflare makes it look like it's not). They took out some other sites of mine last week the same way, I should have realised it would happen here...

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The Universal Declaration of Cyborg Rights – Draft 0.1

We cannot protect human rights in the era of networked digital technology without correctly defining personhood and the boundaries of the self and applying the human rights we already have to this, new, extended cyborg self.

The Universal Declaration of Cyborg rights extends The Universal Declaration of Human Rights to bring it into the 21st century.

Thoughts? (Please share your long-form comments on the site.)


Trying to rename our democratic collaboration platform: currently considering “GroupThink”. Any thoughts?

Now wondering who else I can send it to when I get the inevitable rejection...

Outline application send in to the Joseph Rowntree Reform Trust for a bunch of work on the OpenPolitics platform, to make it reusable for others. Fingers crossed, it would be a nice way to spend my time for a couple of months.

@amcewen yep, either of those :)

Considering sleeping in the garden

Wondering how to get a plan together. I've got proposals to write, plenty of jobs that need doing, but I don't feel like I have a *plan*. Maybe that's OK... I miss working with other people though. I'd like to make that happen again, on my own terms.

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Turns out there might be a ban on [state-mandated] encryption backdoors from the EU, that sounds great engadget.com/2017/06/19/eu-pro