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James Smith 💾 @[email protected]

Today we have quite literally tried 4 different cloud solutions and found a different small but fundamental problem with each one. *collapses in heap*

RT @[email protected]: Yeah, we wouldn't want Americans to be able to purchase something potentially dangerous. twitter.com/GarbageDotNet/stat

Today @[email protected] and I must have provisioned and destroyed about 50 virtual machines. And don’t have a lot to show for it.


But why would my doctor want to use my Spotify playlist in iTunes? 😁 twitter.com/ODIHQ/status/96443

An entire day of smashing our heads on Kubernetes clusters that fail to behave FOR NO APPARENT REASON has driven @[email protected] and I slightly mad.

RT @[email protected]: Another new pro-EU political party with an "open source manifesto" which can be adopted by smaller satellite parties in local elections.

Take a look at Something New (@havesomenew):


RT @[email protected]: Global sea ice has made a new record low.

There's likely never been this little sea ice on the planet since human civilization began.

Found the checkbox in Firefox to turn off the ability for websites to even *ask* me if I want web notifications. Life is slightly better.

RT @[email protected]: Reminded that @[email protected]’s t-shirt at @[email protected] was the most gloriously nerdy thing I’d seen in a long time. twitter.com/Floppy/status/8756

RT @[email protected]: 12/ I don’t know anyone really technically credible, who is not building/selling blockchain/bitcoin, who is still a believer in either.

RT @[email protected]: For anyone interested in gender equality policy and solutions, here's @[email protected] new gender briefing bit.ly/2BPNdvp - a global roundup on what's working, in your inbox every two weeks.