They just *dropped a skyscraper out of the sky*, and landed it safely. Bloody hell, that’s impressive.

I managed to unlock the hidden networking capabilities of my Elegoo Mars! Here's my step by step guide:

I found a VR Peppa Pig rollercoaster video for my daughter and now I don't think I'm getting my phone back ever again.

I bought a secondhand Elegoo Mars resin printer, and with a very light UI hack and a $3 Chitu ESP8266 module, I’ve got it networked. All the capability is there in the firmware and hardware (serial below M09), it’s just hidden away. Superb. Writeup coming soon.

If there are any dream experts out there who can explain why last night I dreamt I nailed a large spring onion to the wall as a Christmas decoration, that would be great.

It’s very funny to me that over the past ~15 years, internet libertarianism has moved from “copyright is obsolete, information wants to be free” to recreating copyright from first principles, except the copyright registry sets the planet on fire.

Cryptocurrencies are clever, they could have done something interesting, and there are uses (albeit limited) beyond that for blockchains, but the whole thing has turned into a hypercapitalist hellscape of grifters and speculators.

Sorry but why the hell didn’t they call this a Screwspaper?

This looks good. Ignoring power dynamics in management relationships is an awful idea, despite your best intentions not to wield power over those you manage:

When I lean on a particular place on my keyboard and touch my other laptop which is plugged into a different socket, I can _feel_ the current flowing through my skin. But can I find it with a multimeter? Can I bollocks. Worried I've got a floating earth somewhere...

Here's a slightly abstract (and unsettling) data visualisation of case rates in England.

🔊Sound on for the full effect..!

(YouTube link in case Twitter compresses it:

Made in , Adobe After Effects, and GarageBand

The world got demonstrably worse when websites stopped supporting RSS

Naan in the toaster is the best thing I ever learned from Bake Off.

Please god someone sort out videoconferencing tech before the next pandemic

The only emotion I can feel these days without feeling guilty about it is, ironically, guilt.

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One example of how having a learning disabled child is frustrating: when you take your eyes off her for a minute, and she treads mud through the entire house, you can't even be justifiably angry.

I can certainly hear a difference straight away, just remains to be seen if it has the calming effect advertised.

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Calmer ear things installed. Apparently they cut out invasive sound frequencies and reduce stress. Let's see if this works!

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