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James Smith 💾 @[email protected]

As still a bit of a docker noob, this looks like it will be pretty interesting: pragprog.com/book/ridocker/doc

BBQ is so rusty I’m half expecting the bottom to drop out while it’s “sterilising”, distributing hot coals and flaming gas burners across the garden.

Today is British National Barbecue Cleaning Day

Where’s the best place to buy electronic components these days in the UK?

And now I can play my Monotron with an Arduino, using the Adafruit MCP4725 DAC and some random numbers. 🎵🎶♥️

Advice from @wamonite and @loudmouthman is helping a lot on that :)

Next step is to make a laser-cut Eurorack-sized front panel and add jack inputs for everything on the breakout cable.

Monotron mod wires all tidied up into a nice ribbon cable. Lovely!

Attack of anxiety and fear during a doctors appointment. Well done everyone.

*goes to hide under a duvet*

Paging out of long-term memory: DC offsets, RMS measurements, and so forth.

Turned on @[email protected] to hear Billy Bragg, and honestly thought it was @[email protected]’s “Unisex Chip Shop” for a significant time. youtu.be/jo_9UgaxeJE

Completed Rakimix, 5-channel mixer from @[email protected] Very nice little device and finally I can combine my other toy synths!

Is WhatsApp e2e encryption considered trustworthy still, or could Facebook be eavesdropping as they did with their own messenger?

These palette-manipulation animation demos are *amazing*: effectgames.com/demos/worlds/