Thought I’d got a surprise present in the post, but then…

Internet - tell me your recommendations for ergonomic keyboards that work for Mac (ideally split, no num pad, not ludicrious price)

I like bleeps and bloops as much as the next chap, but I’m listening to this new Luke Vibert EP, and I think he’s just left his arpeggiator running and gone for a cuppa.

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FLOSS and the idea of software freedom is a political statement. Politics also evolve as humanity evolves.

At it's heart though, you can't go wrong with the idea of Freedom of the Commons over individual freedom.

Freedom means different things to different people. Humanity survives by cooperation, so individual liberty is meaningless if it comes at the expense of others. Like everything it's a balance.

There's a reason for the golden rule.

OK, if this doesn't work, I might have to just accept that my printer doesn't *want* me to print out my own head to stick on a space marine.

Scientists looking for macroscopic quantum effects should study children, because they only bloody do anything when they’re being observed.

"Strong opinions, loosely held" are for things that aren't ISO8601 date formats.

I think what I actually mean, to be more technically correct, is a hub that will work with both Thunderbolt 3 (USB-C form factor) AND Thunderbolt 2 (mini displayport form factor). I've no idea if it's just an adapter job, or more complex.

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I want a docking station hub that I can plug in screens, USB, etc etc, for BOTH my work Macbook with USB-C, and my ancient home Macbook with Thunderbolt. Is there any way?

Is there a word for the style of mobile game that has the “10,000 gems for £100” type monetisation? Other than “whale bait”, obvs.

Boris’s government has taken the Trump lesson on board 100%. “What if we just ignore the rules? Nobody will stop us. What will they do, arrest us? LOL.”

We’d better work out what we *will* do, and soon, because they’re not going to miraculously get less corrupt.

The what3words location "terrible.address.system" is in the middle of the sea, which ironically is where what3words belongs.

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