Though possibly that would dilute my cross-channel brand strategy

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I wonder if I can call myself Mouse of Commons here? One of the conditions of me returning from suspension was not to call myself M O'C for fear of "being taken to be an official account". But I think that only covered Twitter. Checking the paperwork

Have I ever helped make a product? I don't think I've ever helped make a product. I'm not sure how I'd feel about myself if I did

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Try as I might I still have no idea what digital, design or product might be

With apologies for the cross promotion. If I have one failing it's my obsession with user acquisition. So may as well pimp weeknotes here as well I suppose. Lots of Wikidata things gwidarn

I've never been to EMF camp. I think I'd quite like to visit. But just for a day. I couldn't camp. Not with my back

Parliament has recently added Cloudflare "protection" across everything which makes all the pages unscrapeable. Wondering if anyone here has contacted them? I know there is a path to whitelisting but no idea how rocky that path is

I flat out refuse to register for an API that only does GETs. I will die on this hill and my bots will die with me

A new bot account from young @robertbrook and I. Posts whenever the FCDO provide a written answer - or a written correction to an earlier answer - to a parliamentary question


I'm trying out the Twitter bridge service at the House of Commons library should be visible at @commonslibrary

A comparison between two public data sets: shareholdings from the Register of Members' Financial Interests and information from Companies House -

I don't think I could face having all my swear words circled in marker pen again

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I assume I can swear here? Without being marched in front of HR again?

for those with a vague interest in Parliament and computers, just published our weeknote things

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