Weekend reading sorted. Doom clone, entirely CC0, made for tinkering. And it’s tiny: gitlab.com/drummyfish/anarch/

Free GameMaker Studio 2 game for people to play around with. Source code is available for a small fee (which helps pay for tea so I can make more code available!): fivesprites.itch.io/gmsinvader Few bits of code in there to help newcomers out.

Always forget how much stuff goes into making even a relatively simple game.

How would one replace an entire government and parliament? Asking for a few million friends.

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Some serious problems with this "Bezier" by Niine.games, you know. First, it's difficult to take a screenshot when it's beautiful because beautiful==under attack. Second, screenshots don't look half as good as the game really is

btw when I said serious problems I was lying


Started to have a look at the @bureaulocal@twitter.com's homelessness deaths dataset (drive.google.com/drive/u/0/fol). It's great, but really sad. I've geocoded the 267 deaths in 2018 based on approximate location, and here's the first cut mapped. Bigger blob = more deaths. Needs work.

I’ve reverse engineered Amazon’s recommendation algorithm. It’s complex, but here’s some pseudocode to simplify:

observe search for x
sleep(60*60*24 + rand(60*60*12))
recommend x

/me awaits toot takedown notice

From a business perspective I can't make a case for a Don app yet. We've got too much other stuff on our plates.

If there's enough interest I can set up a Patreon for me to get something ported up to MVP level over nights and weekends.

Note: Any actual app would be paid, likely subscription based (not a fan of them but makes sense here for various reasons).



Open social media for the UK