Mary Anne Hobbs on BBC Radio 6 Music has Eris Drew right now and it's really waking up my day! Boom-beep-boop.

The first parts cut out for my boat. Its going to be a folding canvas rowing boat. A fliptail. At least that's the plan.

@dadegroot in my mum's old kenwood mixer there was one cog made of fiber that would always break. It was designed that way though to be the weakest link in the set and easy to replace. Getting tricky to find the replacements for a 1950's mixer now though. Those just look cheap. Mind you I dare say the price you pay has something to do with it.

@Alastair Not sure it is. But I liked the shape and you can sort of wrap it round the corner a bit. Plus I had all the bits left over from other things. Still needs a bit more padding in it though.

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