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Did you go "oh I'm not even going to bother trying for tickets, they're too hard to get"?


There's a pile on sale right now:

I bet my peanut butter is more hipster than your peanut butter. A paint tin! Whatever next. I'm hoping its low VOC and they cleaned it well.

Using up some scraps and so I now have yet another box. I think the sides are a bit thick on this one but overall I quite like it.

Tom Ravenscroft is inviting people to look through his dad's old records. Not a great premise for a radio show you might think till you remember his dad was John Peel. This latest episode with LCY was a cracker. Happy hard-core and skater punk.

Mary Anne Hobbs on BBC Radio 6 Music has Eris Drew right now and it's really waking up my day! Boom-beep-boop.

The first parts cut out for my boat. Its going to be a folding canvas rowing boat. A fliptail. At least that's the plan.