Made my own textures for this one: from a photo of our bathroom door!

Final render of the doughnut tutorial. All the modelling is mine, but some of the textures aren't.

Big old pile of sugar beet. (Photo from 2 months ago).

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Do you consume oat drink, soy yoghurt, or other #vegan dairy alternatives?
EU parliament is attempting to ban any terms, marketing, or even appearance of vegan products that are associated to milk or dairy. This includes the terms "yoghurt" style, similar packaging in cartons or yoghurt cups, or even the comparison with milk's climate impact.

While this dairy-lobby-driven amendment is already through parliament, there's a petition to stop it in council.

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We're hiring a Software Developer for our Anti-Censorship Team.

This developer will work to improve the user experience and process of finding alternate routes to the Tor network when global censorship events block access. FT & remote.

Please share!

RT Did you know there's a whole genre of weird musical Japanese train videos called 鉄道MAD/音MAD? E.g.

Normally this is a bridge over a muddy ditch. (Stourbridge Common, Cambridge)

TIL that I can insert emoji on Ubuntu with Ctrl-Shift-E. You can hit space immediately for a categorised list, or search by name. Works in every application I've tried.

I've been working my way through's doughnut tutorial.
Here's what I've made so far (click to expand):

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