My worker co-op, Open Data Services, is hiring for two developer roles.

We're employee owned, we work remotely (although UK only), and all the code we write is open source.

See this twitter thread for a summary:

Or go straight to the job ads:
🟣 Data Visualisation Web Developer:
🟣 Python Software Developer:

Also, points to anyone who can tell me why I don't get a preview from the og metadata. (So I ended up just uploading the thumbnail instead).

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A projection dome that we took to
for it's first outing. Set up so that anyone could come along and add their own GLSL shaders. The projection should be visible from outside, but we had a tarp over it due to intermittent rain. One for a future festival hopefully!

"The River Don Engine is a 1904-built steam engine used for hot rolling steel armour plate.... It is claimed to be one of the most powerful steam engines ever built, and the most powerful remaining in Europe."

(Kelham Island Museum, Sheffield)

Iglesia de la Encarnación (Church of the Incarnation), Marbella.
The building was originally a mosque during Muslim rule of the area, and was converted to a church after the Catholic conquest of the 15th century. On the right you can see the tower that was once the minaret.

A Grade II listed gas holder, built in 1886. (Great Yarmouth)

Footdee, an old fishing village at the end of Aberdeen harbour.

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