A Grade II listed gas holder, built in 1886. (Great Yarmouth)

Footdee, an old fishing village at the end of Aberdeen harbour.

King's College Chapel, Aberdeen. Built in the 1500s. Now part of the University of Aberdeen.

Dunnottar Castle, Stonehaven. Buildings from the 15th and 16th century, but there may have been a fortification here for as much as 1000 years before that.

RRS Discovery, an Antarctic research ship, launched in 1901, now back in Dundee where it was built.

77 mile cycle across 2 days last week, from Cambridge to just beyond Huntingdon.

1 week left to apply! Our worker co-op is recuiting some more data analysts, for our work on open data standards in the transparency space. UK based, but working remotely.


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The #coop I work with is #hiring.

We do things with open data for public good and social change.

Equal pay (£40k/pa), flat structure, remote work. Flexible working with part time options. Lots of benefits.

Happy to answer questions here another way (rhiaro.co.uk/contact)


#coopjobs #cooplife #opendata

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