I just smashed out a 3.38 mile run in 40m47s and logged it all on fetcheveryone.com/, - the free site for runners, cyclists and swimmers.

@methos It's not just the USA that suffers from this lie. There is a global distrust of politicians for a reason.

Am I missing something here? Took delivery of a new freezer today and these were included with docs.

I am looking for some recommendations for equalizer software for Windows 10. I am struggling with the audio on my Dell laptop during meetings due my and . Preferably free or Open Source.

I have spent today transcoding some old cassettes from the 90's to MKV. NV-HS830

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Jeez I'm absolutely looking forward to 2021 when Corona is just a beer and Donald is just a duck

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🚨 Watch this video + Take action 🚨

πŸ‘‰ The US is a data wild west 🌡

β›” Our privacy must not become a bargaining chip in trade negotiations

✊We have to stop this data power grab. Our rights and liberties are at risk πŸ›‘

πŸš¨πŸ“£ Take action now ➑️ openrightsgroup.org/take-actio

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hey, have you checked out this wheely good prize πŸ‘€

RT + Follow @XboxUK@twitter.com to be in with the chance of winning a custom @dirtgame@twitter.com Xbox One controller + toolbox full of goodies including physical copies of DIRT 5 on Xbox! βš‘οΈπŸ†

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Remembering the Great Pretender, a lover of life and singer of songs - the greatest front man ever to grace the stage - Freddie Mercury. Playing it loud!

Today, we celebrate another rotation around the sun for Mrs A. She decided we ought to go to the seaside with the 'hund.

What a great film! In my

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A perfect assassin. An innocent girl. They have nothing left to lose except each other...

LΓ©on: The Professional was released in the US on this day in 1994. My favourite Luc Besson film. - Mike.

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Binge watching The Haunting of Bly Manor on and heard @MotleyCrue@twitter.com's Home Sweet Home in theme.

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My Ryker was stolen in South yesterday. I’m so upset. It’s been modified specially for my disability (hand-break system) & is very distinctive. It’s a long shot but please share this in the small hope that if someone sees it & reports it - I might get her back. Thank you

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I cannot believe this scruffy thing is one year old today. Things have definitely changed in our household since she joined us in January at 14 weeks old.

Bruce Dickinson & Steve Harris

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AC/DC's Brian Johnson and Angus Young | Name another iconic frontman and guitarist

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It's 7 months since I last visited a local pub and listened to local bands play live rock music. All those talent local artists need our support. Visit their sites and purchase all their merchandise or they won't be there when things blow over.

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Hi all - we've received a few questions about the resumption of parkrun, so we've cobbled together what we know and where we've got to as at today.


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