This is another venue under threat of closure. Support your local venues.


An important message from team N&D. Please support us if you can. x


It's 7 months since I last visited a local pub and listened to local bands play live rock music. All those talent local artists need our support. Visit their sites and purchase all their merchandise or they won't be there when things blow over.

New merch from has arrived! Turn it up to 11 & annoy the neighbours trying to work \m/

A pretty good gig last night from is a smaller venue than previous times we've seen them but nice venue.

Tonight, the Spreading The Fire Tour reaches,, and plan to burn your ears off with some molten metal and hard rock' ! ยฃ5 OTD

Thanks, guys ๐Ÿ‘ My goodies arrived this morning. New tunes for the weekend \m/

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