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Two years after publicly launching a privacy-focussed browser, Brave is now taking on Google’s search business too trib.al/QTC2G9v

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After months of deliberation, I have final deleted my data and closed my account. Now uploading 100% of my activities solely to @fetcheveryone@twitter.com

.@runchatuk@twitter.com Where are the best deals online for trainers for road running? I need a new pair as my 's have done their mileage, but the shops are closed.

New 'indestructible' toys for the 'hund. Let's see how long these last. My money is on that one of them will not see Monday in one piece.

Here's a slightly abstract (and unsettling) data visualisation of case rates in England.

🔊Sound on for the full effect..!

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Made in , Adobe After Effects, and GarageBand

This practise of taking a photograph of you accepting a courier parcel as proof of delivery seems invasive to me. Where is that photograph stored? Where is my consent?

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Very, very powerful video. Share it, share it and then, share it again...

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I've just watched Avatar again, in 4k. Absolutely awesome graphics. I so wish I'd seen it on the big screen back in 2009.

We need the assistance of the #Fedilab community to help with some decision making!

So below, we have a multiple choice poll..

Thanks for taking the time to help developing Fedilab, and boosts are always appreciated ☺️

What do you mainly use Fedilab for?

I just smashed out a 3.38 mile run in 40m47s and logged it all on fetcheveryone.com/, - the free site for runners, cyclists and swimmers.

Am I missing something here? Took delivery of a new freezer today and these were included with docs.

I am looking for some recommendations for equalizer software for Windows 10. I am struggling with the audio on my Dell laptop during meetings due my and . Preferably free or Open Source.

I have spent today transcoding some old cassettes from the 90's to MKV. NV-HS830

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Jeez I'm absolutely looking forward to 2021 when Corona is just a beer and Donald is just a duck

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🚨 Watch this video + Take action 🚨

👉 The US is a data wild west 🌵

⛔ Our privacy must not become a bargaining chip in trade negotiations

✊We have to stop this data power grab. Our rights and liberties are at risk 🛑

🚨📣 Take action now ➡️ openrightsgroup.org/take-actio

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hey, have you checked out this wheely good prize 👀

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