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there's probably a German word for when someone at work asks you to fix a third person's build-breaking code change that you had nothing to do with, even though you already committed a fix to the very same issue at least a day ago

First submitted and accepted Errata: Hardly surprising though: URLs change.

You're not going to believe what I'm about to tell you via @Oatmeal

@Floppy Paying for a year sounds good, not sure how to do so on opencollective though, any ideas?

libraries are good and sacred places, both on and offline, and i would encourage everyone to go to one sometime

First semi-professional blog post, shame about the editing though 😞

Tiny houses have a very tiny chance of being haunted. Even if they are haunted, the ghost is usually tiny and can be shooed away by a few sarcastic remarks.

@erdal Brackets works well, and has it's own server!

@GinnyMcQueen Dhalgren (sorry, messed up last post)

FACT: The highest Mastodon uptake in London is in Tooting.

@matt Just kicking the tires here as I'm curious, seems like it's pretty cool so far.

My son told me a joke.

Where do pirates go to shop?

Except he didn't say 'ARRRgos', he said 'Argos' which is somehow funnier.

First toot from sunny Ely