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Adrian McEwen @amcewen

Are any of the other instances (beyond set up as cooperatives or similar paid-for-by-the-members? That feels like a much more sustainable model than "rely on the spare time and kindness of geeks".

You're welcome @Floppy. Thanks for setting it all up. Feels like it's good to set the right sort of approaches early on.

Yay, thanks @amcewen, our first contributor on the opencollective πŸ˜€

@Floppy Done! I was amused to see the "what's your twitter handle" option on the "your details" form after I'd signed up :-D

If users on this server donated a dollar a month to keep it running, we'd easily cover our costs.

Good news! is now on OpenCollective, where we can crowdsource the running costs. Set up a regular donation now, everything helps!

More information to come on there later about what we need to raise, etc.

my pals and i are very interested in making art bots that address the ethical and social challenges of bots in social media and beyond. we're always talking about about these sorts of things, and it's why i decided to make my bot's tweets unlisted by default. mentions one of our common principals, "Bots Should Punch Up" If you would like to chat w/ or other bot makers like me look for the #botAlly hashag. :grin:

It looks like it’s general election time again. Get in touch here to stand for Something New, we need YOU:

nodejs thingy to post all of your rss feed to your mastodon:

#bots; #ethics; /actually/ innovative agencies; bureaucratic prose; and breaking ships... this week's round-up of Interesting Things on the Internet

On that matter, @rossjones, you don't know of any data sources for UK trademark applications in order to build Marc's suggested alert system do you?

So, who is working on branding, logo and identity for the OStatus network *as a whole*? Mastodon is a nice name and has a logo, but it's a server, not the network. We shouldn't be saying "I'm on Mastodon", but "I'm on OStatus". But it needs a friendlier brand. How do we do this in a decentralised way? It's like trying to rebrand the concept of email.

@rossjones @frabcus I asked them in person, in their physical location. And yes, they are open at the usual time on Friday.

@Floppy you need to stop wearing that peaked cap

I want to start my # promotion of instances effort with one of the older instances in the network I am aware of that takes donations to support its efforts,

It describes itself as follows:
"This is the place for you who are tired of private companies controlling your conversations and contacts and selling them for profit. On you are not locked up in a single commercial service; [...] is not a service, because we're not selling commodities. Instead we call it an online commons. The site is run by the small Norwegian non-profit organisation which is solely funded by donations. All work is voluntary. Joining is completely free, but those who want to help out financially can donate to the organisation."

You can read more and donate here:

As always, boost if you want to help the effort!

@Floppy that feels like the best approach, although it's also the most likely to cause "why was my bot banned when hers wasn't?" arguments :-/ Maybe you need to register @deckard and have that account hunt them down ;-)

@Floppy What about non-bot-but-non-human accounts? For example @Bubblino or @ackers_bell? Or course, it's entirely possible I have too many accounts over there... :-D

@Floppy I have pondered that too, without any great conclusions. Mostly wondering where @policyomatic and @merseyshipping should live. So far @mcqn_bot is over on the bot instance, but I'm not sure it's best to ghettoize them. Tricky.