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Are any of the other instances (beyond set up as cooperatives or similar paid-for-by-the-members? That feels like a much more sustainable model than "rely on the spare time and kindness of geeks".

Adrian McEwen @amcewen

Ooh, @galooph, I like the add-on (/other) services as adjuncts idea. Definitely feels like a good idea for there to be instances (companies? collectives? /things/?) with various other things bundled in. As a way round the minimum-payment-worth-setting-up problem at least, but also in the cross-promotion or enough to then sustain the maintainer...

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@amcewen Yeah, I think it's a nice idea. I'm sure @KindlyFire would be happy to give you his perspective.

@galooph @amcewen yes ! This instance is mostly funded thanks to my Patrons. I also thought bundling in a private cloud was a good idea (and it doesn't cost much), so I let my Patrons use that as well :grin: