I gave a lightning talk today about how the main mode of advocating the decentralized web is still "moralizing to the sheeple" and what we can do instead. Will eventually put this online in some form. #MozFest


@darius Look forward to the online version (shame I'm missing ). I think you're right that we need better articulations of the benefits, alongside first-class usability - those (historically) are the places that the silos have found their place with the majority over worthier alternatives.

@darius ISTM that some of the benefits are also at a wider, societal level (e.g. decentralization helps spread power, and we should avoid too much power in too small a group of hands), which feels like a harder needle to shift, but one that's at least as important (maybe more so). Some good slogans (c.f. "move fast and break things", or "this is for everyone" or "do the hard work to make it simple") would help. We need handy shorthand to popularise

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