Not much of a birdwatcher these days, but this was once in a lifetime. What a bird.

Headed back to for a second run at the Black Browed , and after a couple of hours it finally showed its face. Starting to get dark by the time it turned up so the iso is a bit high, but no complaints. The local Auks kept me entertained while I waited.

Holiday visit to RSPB Bempton cliffs this morning. Just missed the albatross, but still an incredible spectacle. Cliff sides absolutely coated with Gannets, Razorbills, Puffins, Kittiwakes. Also now a member of the RSPB again, which feels good.

'No mow May' is going fantastically. Starlings and frogs making use of the back garden lawn to forage and hide, while the patch of grass out front is covered in Lesser Trefoil with a nice little patch of Birds Foot Trefoil. Never thought I'd be this excited about tiny yellow flowers. It's like getting a new hobby.

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