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Liverpool Council are looking to see how they can improve in the city, so I wrote up some of my ideas (not just applicable to Liverpool)

Given the current situation, and the poverty rate in Old Swan, I'm unclear why the councillors have sent me a letter to tell me they've spent £13k buying the rozzers a quad bike.

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Signs of life from the ! In part 3 of our ongoing series Paul and I got to where we can hand-crank the transmitter and have it send the right codes!

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Today I learned that in Sweden they have a scale model of the solar system that covers a large part of the country:

My 12yo just rang his mate to complain very loudly about my crimes

I was eating some crispy snacks with chopsticks because I don't like crispgrot on my hand

He's not 100% he's not taking me to court, yet. Fingers crossed my crimes can be forgiven.

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