Of the many sets of principles that digital public service people have codified over the years, I think these are the most underrated. Going to be leaning on them heavily today

James is not wrong.
The first time I tried to get a decision as a public sector employee, the answer wasn't yes or no, it was "you need to walk this round a few more people"

It's easy to see how the number
of people with a veto on anything leads those who want to get things done to say "let's just get everyone together to talk it out". And then with the best intentions we're all in meetings with each other all the time


@mattedgar yes. This is kind of where I'm at right now, esp with one department I work with a lot. Their culture is literally everyone who could possibly have an opinion on a topic in the same meeting for hours at a time to make decisions. However, I admit I'm not really confident enough to push the alternate line.

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