Care 4 Calais are an incredible organisation and are doing vital work in what must be very difficult circumstances. This story illustrates the painful reality of what the latest government wheeze around asylum means for the human beings who are being subjected to this policy

That time Saturn accidentally showed everyone how much space is wasted with cars.

► Complexity (In digital systems) :

Depresssingly, this quote from 1984 is even more true today than it was then.

Drawn back to this blog post that I published 3 years ago today. Still pretty much where I stand on the skills and approaches we need to nurture in health and care

A good deep dive into how Musk/Tesla's relationship with China is especially problematic. China probably stands to gaina great deal from the purchase of Twitter. Moreover when you consider that 'The Chinese market is key to Musk’s global ambitions and Tesla’s road to sustained profitability' maybe the cost of buying Twitter makes sense from that perspective

My lovely friend Alan is starting another of his mindfulness courses next week, worth taking a look at it you're interested in exploring mindfulness in a supportive setting

One of the better accounts on 'the other place' Stop funding heat is a campaign modelled on Stop Funding Hate. It aims to highlight companies who through advertising inadvertantly(or otherwise) underwrite climate denial stories.

Anne is one of the most interesting writers I've come across in the last year. This post about resolutions is typically thought provoking

Open social media for the UK