So i got a Rasberry Pi for Christmas along with an Electronics starter kit that goes with it.
I had plans and dreams of learning robotucs etc.
But I'm so burnt out out with my IT job i can't bring myself to boot it up and start.
Anyone any tips on how to get inspired?

Just in case people with beards be curious, turns out that they may only be bad if you need to wear a sealed mask

Don't you just love it when you look up a music artist you haven't listened to in a while find out they've made a stash of albums you haven't heard yet!!

Finally got around to sorting out the old photo backups from cameras, is handy for that. Now just to wait for 60GB to sync up to the cloud 😁

Hi all,

My name is Stephen.
I'm a IT support Technician from Northern Ireland.

My interests are:

Blah, blah, blah nothing to say, but I feel the need to speak!! 😂

OK Season 3 of ended well, even with it's odd pacing 😁

Avengers EndGame Spoiler 

Rather enjoyed . But thought it odd that they send Clunt and Natasha off to Vorimer, knowing that one of them isn't coming back, but no one cares.

What's a good Linux distro to install on a laptop and messing about with? I've mastered pretty well, but want to master

Watching Humans Seaaon 3, it seems oddly paced compared to previous seasons.

Open social media for the UK