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I thought I would list my diagnoses, just for fun.

(aka irritable bladder)
(that's Mast Cell Activation Syndrome, aka histamine intolerance/ overproduction)
Alice in Wonderland Syndrome


My GP also suspects I may have or (eldest child is Aspie) but I haven't got very far with diagnosis

Additionally, kid3 has Type One Diabetes

Never a dull moment.

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long intro 

New to this instance today.
I'm a Londoner living in .

Unwell since 2003 with , and a bunch of other things.
Never had any disability benefits, but now desperately needing support. Thankful for local food bank.

I'm a Scandophile and speak , started a degree in Scandinavian Studies at before I got ill.
I'm interested in so many things, including language, history especially , have very eclectic musical tastes...

Low mood and high pain & fatigue today. Not sure if this is a histamine reaction or if it's still fallout from doing too much earlier in the week.

My husband went looking for the mobile library today but couldn't find it.
We realised he was looking in the wrong place. The place it stops is a very strange place for it to park, at the bottom of a hill the other side of the village - way too far for me to walk to, let alone walk back from :(

Right now I am in the process of applying for . Waiting for a Tribunal date. The DWP were supposed to respond to the court by 11th July. They haven't yet. I'm in Limbo. The whole process is brutal and cruel and very long. 😣

Such sad news about #BernardCribbins. He was a national treasure. We have loved him since Dalek Invasion Earth, the Railway Children and the Wombles.

I reverse image searched to discover that my profile pic is via Tathariel on Instagram. I didnt realise it's Viking style jewelry, I just liked the aesthetic look of it (and ginger hair like me). 😊

We've had 3 military helicopters fly over our house today and yesterday, no idea where they've come from (Plymouth?) or where they're going to or why. Not towards the sea for rescues though, unless they're heading up the coast.

I haven't talked much about my health here for a while, because I mostly use social media for escapism.
I became unwell in 2003. It took 10 years to get a diagnosis.
I was diagnosed with in 2013 the in 2015.
It is a very complicated health puzzle. The gene cluster theory by Dr Sharon Meglathery provides some clues, connection with
Additionally I had a head injury back in 1983 which I believe may be relevant. Plus Mono/ glandular fever in 1991.

MECFS sympton: temperature dysregulation 

This is a symptom I experience a lot, but you don't always hear much about it. ME Action have written a post on temperature dysregulation which I thought might be helpful for others

#MECFS @mecfs @chronicillness

I have realised, as a result of the UK , that my internal thermometer is broken. I'm not even sure what I feel but I seem to usually feel cold when everyone else is hot, and hot when everyone is cold.

One of my projects is the #Cornish #Scandinavian Society.
It's meant to be a kind of friendly cultural exchange.
Does anybody have any tips, suggestions, ideas, advice on how to develop it into something?

How on earth do you get/ keep your house clean and tidy with chronic ill health? I miss having a cleaner desperately but I can't afford one unless or until I get some income. The mess really gets me down and I just can't fix it. ☹

Do you call your evening meal dinner, tea or supper (or something else)? 🤔

We say tea if it's sandwiches, dinner if it's a hot meal, supper if it's late in the evening.

What shall we have for supper?

We have all had Covid now. Not too bad thankfully. I haven't been out of the house in c.2 years except for that one time when I caught it immediately. 🙄

Actually I was having a pretty good day but then I've had a histamine reaction to food and now I have a splitting headache :(

Are the UK local elections everywhere? I haven't heard anything where I am (Cornwall).

I'm listening to chapter 1 of "The Transgender Issue" by Shon Faye on Audible. It's good. Not an easy read though.

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