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One positive thing to come out of #2020 and is that we've spent more time together as a family, and are eating more meals together, as a family, around the dinner table with no TV.

(inspired by @jaz)

Whilst 2020 was a bad year it did have many positives @jaz More time with kids, less driving around the region, learning new skills, daily art, geeking, walking, losing weight, telly and chill, working from home, appreciating the little things, looking after myself, making memories, 19 year wedding anniversary, eating better, saving money, helping others, more games nights with friends (but virtually), new radio show, family all healthy

@amirouche Hey - I may be able to help. Let me know more ;D

That's no random passer by though... The microphone is a give away. She was spoiling for that fight.

Great day with @thelovebug ... 2 x 5 mile walks, Rocketman, food, drink and time for just ua8. Ache a bit now though.

Just been to see Rocketman. Was good,not as good as Bohemian Rhapsody though.

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